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New BPA Application - Profile Creation

Category: Major Marketers

Step 1
Guidelines & Conditions
Step 2
Submit Physical Copy of Bank Guarantee
Step 3
NNPC Board Review and Approval
NOTE: This is this the first stage towards obtaining a New Bulk Purchase Agreement (BPA) as a Major Marketer. Kindly go through the Guidelines and Conditions for Major Marketers below. Note that unlike other categories, A physical copy of Bank Guarantee must be submitted to PPMC.
The power to approve Major Maketers solely rests on the Board of NNPC. [view options menu]

Requirements for Major Marketers [Download]

  1. Bank Guarantee of Two Billion, Five hundred million Naira (N2,500,000,000) from a reputable Commercial bank. This should be submitted to the Managing Director, PPMC with an application cover letter
  2. Ownership of a Depot
  3. Minimum of 100 retail outlets and fleet size of four hundred (400) trucks
  4. Retail Spread in not less than two-third (2/3) of the states of the Federation
  5. Volume turnover of not less than three hundred (300) million litres per annum
  6. Other statutory requirements (including DPR permit)
  7. No overdue debt beyond sixty (60) daysor litigation against PPMC
  8. Satisfacory due dilligence
  9. NNPC Management and Board Approval
  10. Payment of BPA Processing Fee of Two hundred and fifty thousand Naira Only (N250,000) for New Applications

NOTE: Bulk Purchase Agreeements (BPA) for Major Marketers is valid for One (1) Year

Application Process Flow

  1. STAGE 1: The First Stage involves submission of physical copy of Bank Gurantee to the office of the Managing Director, PPMC
  2. STAGE 2: This involves verification of the bank guarantee.
  3. STAGE 3: Upon verification of the Bank Gurantee, a User Account will be created for the Marketer on the PPMC Online Marketers Portal. It is expected that electronic copies of all backing documents are uploaded.
  4. STAGE 4: BPA Approval process by Management and NNPC Board
  5. STAGE 5: Upon Approval by NNPC's, it is expected that the marketer makes the necessary BPA Processing Fee Payment
  6. STAGE 6:Draft electronic Copy of the BPA is created and sent to the Marketer for acceptance
  7. STAGE 7: BPA Slip and physical copy is mailed to the Marketer