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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the meaning of BPA?

BPA Stands for Bulk Purchase Agreement.
It is a contractual document between PPMC and Marketers for different Categories of Products.

2. How do I apply for BPA?

Step 1: Log on to:
Step 2: Create your company account
Step 3: Complete the online application form
Step 4:Attach all applicable documents
Step 5: Submit your application

3. What are the current PPMC marketers categories?

The Marketer Categories include:
- Independent Marketers
- Coastal Marketers
- Special Products (Other Products) Marketers
- Major Marketers
- LPG Marketers

4. What are the Processing Fees for the different Categories?

5. Where is PPMC Head Quarters Located?

Head Office Address:
Block C, NNPC Towers, Herbert Macaulay Way, Central Business District, Abuja FCT, Nigeria
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6. What Payment Options are available?

You can make payment on Remitta online through the BPA portal using the following options;
- Visacard
- Mastercard
- Verve
- Bank Payment (OTC)

7. Can a marketer apply for BPA with different categories?

YES, a single Markrter can apply and have more than one BPA across different categories

8. What is the validity period for each category?

Independent Marketers: 2 years
- Coastal Marketers: 1 year
- Major Marketers: 1 year
- Special Products Marketers: 2 years
- LPG Marketers: 2 years