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New BPA Application - Profile Creation

Category: Independent Marketers

Step 1
Guidelines and Conditions
Step 2
Basic Company Details
Step 3
Verify Details, Upload Basic Document(s)
and Submit for Vetting
NOTE: This is this the first stage towards obtaining a New Bulk Purchase Agreement (BPA) as an Independent Marketer. Kindly go through the Guidelines and Conditions for Independent Marketers below. Also note that all entry documents uploaded at this stage will be vetted before a User account is created for you on the portal in order for you to continue the application process. [view options menu]

Requirements for Independent Marketers [Download]

  1. Valid Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Certified True Copy of Memorandum and Article of Association
  3. Valid DPR Storage and Sales License
  4. Bank reference letter on financial status addressed to MD, NRL from a reputable bank
  5. Police Report on Company letter headed paper signed by State Police Commissioner or any other senior police officer in charge of traffic division indicating that the station does not constitute traffic hazard.
  6. Fire safety report signed by Chief Federal/state fire officer, or by an officer authorised by him/her, that he is satisfied that the facilities proposed for the prevention of fire are satisfactory - a Certificate must be on fire service letter-headed paper and have a validity period.
  7. Certificate of Occupancy/Customary Right of Occupancy and Survey Plan
  8. Approved Building Plan by Lands and Survey Department
  9. Current Three-year Tax Clearance Certificate
  10. Enlarged coloured Photographs minimum 8" x 10" of Outlet clearly showing the Company Name and Logo on the Pumps, Building and Road Sign(s)
  11. Inspection Report of the Outlet or Storage facilities from NRL Area Office (To be uploaded by NRL Staff)
  12. Enlarged coloured photographs of truck's front view showing registration number; side views showing marketer's name written boldly on the tank and logo painted on the door
  13. Certificate of ownership of truck/tankers
  14. If the truck is leased, a properly executed agreement with transporter for a minimum of one (1) year lease be submitted.
  15. Copy of particulars of truck
  16. Payment of BPA Processing Fee. Three hundred thousand Naira Only (N300,000) for New Applications
NOTE: Bulk Purchase Agreements for Independent Marketers is valid for Two (2) Years

Application Process Flow

  1. STAGE 1: The First Stage involves submission of basic company details,upload of Certificate of Incorporation and DPR Storage and Sales License
  2. STAGE 2: This involves vetting the submission made in stage 1 above. If the submission is successfully vetted, the marketer is expected to make Payment and then upload other required documents.
  3. STAGE 3: BPA Processing Fee Payment via the Remitta Platform by the Marketer
  4. STAGE 4: Application Access to upload of other requisite document is granted by NRL to the Marketer. At the stage, it is expected that the marketer uploads all backing documents.
  5. STAGE 5: Upon verification of all documents, the Outlet is scheduled for Inspection
  6. STAGE 6: Facility Inspection and Inspection Reporting by NRL Area Office(s)
  7. STAGE 7: Electronic copy of Draft BPA document is sent to the Marketer for acceptance
  8. STAGE 8: BPA Slip and physical copy is mailed to the Marketer

NOTE: These stages are done online via the NRL Online Marketers Portal.